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“I’m a fashion designer living in Bali. I create my own pieces; as well as buy and resell unique items I’ve discovered from all around the world. I blog “likes” and reality-tv-ish content daily about working and living in Bali. Visit us on our blog and check out our online store at

Your Best Accessory

Fashion should be fun. Chances are, if you’re having fun you’ll look good. And if you don’t, who cares, you’re having fun.

The other day someone gave me a great compliment, they said, “You always look so cute. How do you manage to look cute while cleaning out your car?” I laughed and then  thought about the first thing I think when I hear the word fashion. Fun. And then I thought about when I look my best~when I’m having fun. Then I replied, “Because I make everywhere I go a party. If I’m at the dentist (my most dreaded zone) I smile and make friends with everyone from reception to the doc. And when I’m at lunch I make funny faces and laugh with my friends like I did when I was a kid. And if I’m at a party, I dance dance dance and then get enough liquid courage to karaoke.” So if you want to look cute every moment of your life. Turn every moment into a party

p.s. Smile. It’s your best accessory 🙂

The sickest riding gear since 1980…

Any one with any fashion sense knows that the 80′s absolutely killed it when it came to ski gear. Thankfully Apres has brought obnoxious colors and camel toes back to the slopes. And the best part, the inside label says, “Caution, remove before getting in the hot tub.” I grew in Colorado as a snowboarder, and I can promise you that there is no better pick up line than, “Hot tub?”

You can buy yourself one at

And if you are lucky enough to obtain one of these gems, send a photo of yourself wearing it to and we’ll add you to the Apres Legends Wall :)

Teaspoon shorts: absolute must-have

Teaspoon shorts are my new obsession. The cut, the wash, everything about them is delicious. They’re a bit longer in the front, super short in the back (so you look accidentally slutty, not slutty), and cut like an upside V on the sides to add a slimming effect. They’re ripped perfectly and have that new-vintage vibe. The burnt orange are my favorite, I love them so much I’ve considered sleeping in the them.

They give a bit with wear so don’t be scared to buy them a little tighter than you would like them. And if you’re going to buy them online remember that they’re marked in Australia sizes, so adjust accordingly.

*Headband and necklace are Enenkae jewelry :-)

Thank god for this warning. I was just about to do this….


I took this in the bathroom at The University of Sydney. It exists because so many countries use a hole in the ground… This sign is just another gem from the multicultural city that is Sydney 🙂


p.s. I was mountain biking through the jungle of Chiang Mai, Thailand. You should have seen the look on my face when they pointed to a hole in the dirt and a bucket of water with a cup in it and said “that’s the bathroom”